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“Ohmyboot” is the English for “oh mio stivale”. “Ohmyboot” is a tribute to the charisma and skill of millions of Italians who shaped our country throughout the centuries. “Ohmyboot” is an exclamation that comes to life as soon as it appears on fabric. “Oh my boot” (OMB) is a clothing brand.

The concept…

The stylistic trait of this clothing line, based on vector graphics, is very original. It recalls the 70’s pop culture with a mix between the “avant-garde” and the “digital art”. Each item of clothing is made of pure cotton and is exclusively printed and realized in Italy by our experts. All graphics are unique and every t-shirt, accessory and gadget is made in Italy. Thanks to OMB we will be able to spread a message that goes beyond the borders of the so called “bel Paese”.

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